Shop Manager / Master Craftsman

Starting at age 18, George Meade worked his way up from cleaning the woodshop, to building cabinets, to being a master craftsman in his field. He loves a good challenge and the addition of fine details make his hand-made pieces a work of art.

Artisan Shop
Photo: WVFPC Artisan George Meade with two fresh-caught fish
Graphic: Green branch with orange leaves and green buds

George started working with WVFPC in September 2019. His story with woodworking started at the young age of 18 when he was offered a job at a woodshop. He was working for a landscaping company and was directed into a new career path at Coal Cabinet through word of mouth. George started out sweeping the floors and cleaning before he started woodworking. It was not long before George started to hone his skills and style. He worked at Coal Cabinet for years, watching management changes and several coworkers coming and going. While building cabinets and becoming a master in his craft, George made lifelong friends with the other long term employees at the shop, one of them being Allan, our Operations Manager.

In 2010 George started his own business, Meade's Custom Cabinets, to design and custom build cabinets, entertainment centers, and fireplaces. George's specialty is in the details. He is a master craftsman and enjoys more challenging designs and projects, such as fireplace mantles. He creates unique decorative designs and can build anything from a picture or a drawing.   

George has benefited from the machinery here at WVFPC to work faster and more efficiently at a higher capacity. Collaboration and working with his longtime co-workers and friends create a positive and productive work environment.

"Woodworking is a lost art, and craftsmen are a dying breed. Everything is factory-made these days. Not too many people choose carpentry as a career anymore." 

He reflects on days when he waited for payment upon project completion and the financially hard times that followed in between. George would work a job, scrape by, and when payday came around, he would purchase another machine or tool to continue improving his work. Despite the struggle, George has proved woodworking can be a lucrative industry. He encourages others to enter the handcrafted woodworking trade because few people are learning it. 

Beyond woodworking, George is a family man and loves to spend time with his children by engaging with them in a variety of sports and after school activities. George loves hunting deer and rabbits and makes excellent jerky that makes him a favorite coworker here at WVFPC.

If you can dream it, George can build it!