Artisan Profile: Andrew Adkins

Seeing the Beauty in Reclaimed Wood

Woodworker Andrew Adkins isn’t one to back down from a challenge. So, when a West Virginia-based company reached out to him to produce an eyeglasses frame made from WV hardwoods, he got to work. After painstakingly hand-carving prototypes, he turned to the WV Forest Products Center to help streamline and accelerate the process.

“They have great tools; first of all, they have top-of-the-line tools. And they also have tools that I don’t have in my woodshop that speed up the process. Everybody here has been helpful in teaching me how to use those tools that I don’t have, especially with the CNC Machine and computer programming. Woodworking tools can be very intimidating because they’re very sharp and spin very fast and this place isn’t intimidating. Even though the tools may be, the guidance you can get here will quell your fears.”

Andrew Adkins

In addition to glasses frames, Andrew has an affinity for reclaimed wood. He creates tables, bookshelves, and other beautiful custom pieces from wood sourced locally, some provided by customers, others from homes he has torn down.

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