Ally Reynolds

Epoxy and Finishing Specialist

Ally Reynolds got started in the shop learning the basics from her father, Allan Perkins. She soon branched out and began experimenting with epoxy and other modern techniques. Ally's work combines wood and other natural elements to create functional and stunning pieces. 

Artisan Shop
Graphic: Green branch with maroon buds

Ally is an instructor and furniture maker here at the West Virginia Forest Products Center. She started working at the center in March 2019. As a former equestrian barn manager, Ally shifted to working at the center and became increasingly passionate about woodworking and finishing. She began her journey by performing maintenance for machines in the woodshop and finishing collaborative projects such as kitchen cabinets and furniture. Working her way through finishing furniture pieces and projects and learning skills from her father, Allan, and our other talented craftsmen at the center. She discovered epoxy through searching for an independent project that stood out among the products being created. Self-taught, Ally has become increasingly proficient with multi-media such as resin, epoxy, and staining. Her consistent pursuits and interests in woodworking and finishing projects developed her as an artisan and honed her craft and original style. 

"I have learned and accomplished things I never would have thought I would. I never saw myself building tables, but here I am, and I enjoy it! Working in an environment with family and where creativity is encouraged has empowered me. I like working with my dad! My advice, it is important whom you learn from and the people who teach you are valuable. It is a great opportunity to practice patience."

When she is not working at the center, Ally and her husband run a horse farm and take care of three dogs and eight horses. Ally has taken on a new endeavor with a small market garden. On top of daily animal chores, she now has high tunnels she plans to expand.  

What is next for this young artisan? River tables! Ally's latest specialty is building and finishing epoxy tables, sometimes filled with rocks and colored resins. Ally is excited about working with more granite fillings for countertops and tables and expanding her portfolio. 

"The possibilities are limitless!"