The West Virginia Forest Products Center endeavors to build and grow environmentally sustainable & socially driven businesses in value-added forest products.

Our three main goals:

  • Develop collaboration and provide education to aspiring or experienced artisans
  • Foster workforce development, technology, and art through education and cultural opportunities
  • Share the experience of making and marketing heirloom quality Appalachian forest products


The WVFPC’s vision is to empower others through workforce development, education, and place-based knowledge to improve quality of life. We aim to increase economic opportunity and build community awareness in our region and state by encouraging the tradition of creating high quality, value-added Appalachian forest products.


The West Virginia Forest Products Center believes that fulfilling our mission is not only our responsibility to ourselves; it is our responsibility to the community around us. We love wood because we have grown up in the Appalachian hardwood forest. It is part of our essence. Because we love wood, we want to share our passion with you by producing value-added forest products for people who share our love for wood and top-quality forest products. We collaborate with and develop the best designs to offer homage to the place we love and its beautiful wild resources. We use solid hardwood from renewable resources for our products, using environmentally-friendly finish materials that emphasize the luxurious and organic beauty of the hardwood texture. We want the furniture that adorns your living space to be as natural as the forests from which it came.

Illustration: Green branch with green leaves